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After hosting two memorable events in 2014, the JoPa Group is pleased to announce the return of both Christianity21 and Progressive Youth Ministry in 2015.

Christianity21 will take place in Phoenix, Arizona from January 22-24. Register here.

Progressive Youth Ministry will take place in Chicago, Illinois from March 18-20. Register here.

Tickets are now on sale for both events. Book your ticket early to take advantage of Super Early Bird rates which expire April 30, 2015 for Christianity21 and May 31, 2015 for Progressive Youth Ministry.

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Introducing Learning Adventures

Last year, Tony Jones and Brian McLaren led a Fuller Seminary Doctor of Ministry cohort in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. We mention it not only because we think you’ll enjoy the restful two and a half minute  video below which captures people talking about the experience of thinking about Creation while watching the sun reflect off lake water, but also because Boundary Water canoeing is one of the first expeditions on the calendar for our new endeavor called Learning Adventures.

Learning Adventures will combine theology, education, and travel to invite participants to learn while immersed in an environment relevant to what they’re studying.

While we don’t have all the dates yet, in addition to brushing up on your paddling, you might want to take a quick crash course in Italian or maybe Hebrew or Aramaic because destinations like Italy and the Holy Land have been coming up a lot lately.

Stay tuned.

The Boundary Waters Video

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We’re making room for your friends.

If you were present at Christianity 21 in 2009 in Minneapolis, or if you saw the heart-stirring highlights video of it that Don Heatley put together (below), you’ll understand why we’ve already had to revisit our plans to hold the event in a church that could only seat several hundred.

If you weren’t there, then watch the video and you might suspect why we had to move to a bigger venue.

Thankfully, Central Christian Church located along Cherry Creek in Denver has volunteered its facility for the next chapter of Christianity 21. So start fare-watching those flights to Denver so you can join us at one of Colorado’s oldest congregations as returning friends and new ones reconvene January 9-11, 2014.

Christianity 21. 2014. We’d love to see you. And all your friends. We just made room for them.

The Christianity 21 Video

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Explore the Magnificent Mile.

If you haven’t walked Chicago’s Magnificent Mile yet, you’ve probably at least heard of it. It’s one of the top tourist destinations not only for Americans, but for people from around the world.

The 13-block stretch that runs from the banks of the Chicago River, the Magnificent Mile features 460 stores, 275 restaurants, 60 hotels and more entertainment options that even a local can keep track of.

And it’s about to have one more.

The first annual Progressive Youth Gathering is coming to downtown to grace the historic halls of Fourth Presbyterian, with roots so deep they go back to 1848. After the Great Chicago Fire burned their first building near where Nordstrom’s notable department store is now (yes, they’ve been around THAT long), they rebuilt and then outgrew their building at Rush and Superior only to buy a plot of land right in the middle of Michigan Avenue before the famous city grew up around it.

We thought this perseverant congregation’s home ground was a fitting backdrop for gathering youth leaders to talk about the challenges of championing faith in the 21st century.

While more details and a web build out are in progress, you can start marking your calendars now. March 19th-21st. In Chicago. A landmark gathering of youth leaders from some of the largest churches in North America.

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C21 Friday October 9, 2009

14 Instructors You Won’t Want To Miss

We love when we get to this point, when we can stop planning and plotting in behind-the-scene meetings and let people in on some of the good stuff that’s been coming together. Today the good news comes in the form of a speaking lineup. We’re announcing the 14 instructors who’ll be presenting at the Church Planters Academy in Minnesota this August 15-17th.

Thanks to such a deep bench this year, we’re excited to be able to offer a wide variety of content to connect with people wherever they are at in the planting process. So whether you planted a church 8 years ago or are only kinda, sorta thinking that maybe someday you’ll get around to planting one, it doesn’t matter. There’ll be something  significant for the the newcomers and the veterans in this mix.

Here’s who’s coming:
  • Bruce Reyes-Chow Founding Pastor, Mission Bay Community Church
  • Maggie Mraz Church Planter, Bull City Vineyard
  • Tim Conder Founding Pastor, Emmaus Way
  • Doug Pagitt Founder, Solomon’s Porch
  • Mike Stavlund Most Often Confused for Being The Pastor, Common Table
  • Rich McCullen Lead Pastor, Mission Gathering
  • Micah Witham Pastor and ImaginatorAwaken Community
  • Debbie Blue Co-Founding Pastor, House of Mercy
  • Russell Rathbun Founding Minister, House of Mercy
  • Mike Baughman Community Curator Union: coffee. community. cause.
  • Suzanne Castle Worship Architect, The Search
  • Jay Bakker Pastor Revolution, Minneapolis
  • Jason Mack Community Pastor, First Baptist Madison
  • Tom Bandy International Church Consultant, Thriving Church

Don’t know every single name on the list? Good. Get a headstart and visit them online. Each instructor is an entrepreneur in their field with a track record for creating thriving churches. And in such a closeknit, smaller-scale environment, there’ll not only be ample chance to find good content but to make new friends too.

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ComingsoonA collection of writings from Jay Bakker, Rev. Dr. Monica Coleman, Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock, Rev. Dr. Robin Myers, Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes, Rev. Jose Morales, Christian Piatt, Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, Rev. Dr. Derek Penwell, Rev. Rich McCullen, Doug Pagitt, Adele Sakler and Rev. Tripp Fuller.

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churchisflatThe Church Is Flat is the first significant, researched study into the ecclesiology of the emerging church movement. Research into eight congregations is put into conversation with the theology of Jürgen Moltmann, concluding with pragmatic proposals for the the practice of a truly relational ecclesiology.

Tony Jones visited eight emerging church congregations (Cedar Ridge Community Church, Pathways Church, Vintage Faith Church, Journey Church, Solomon’s Porch, House of Mercy, Church of the Apostles, and Jacob’s Well), facilitating interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

After interpreting the data, Jones pulls out the most significant practices of these congregations and judges them relative to the relational ecclesiology of Jürgen Moltmann. Finally, Jones proposes a way forward for the emerging church movement, and the Protestant church writ large. Available on Amazon.

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ordainthyselfDo you want to be a minister, but you just don’t have the time for seminary? Or maybe your desire is to be a rabbi, imam, priest, or swami. Well, this app can’t actually ordain you, but it can show you what you would look like and believe if you were ordained. Available here.

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reimagining spiritual formationReimagining Spiritual Formation isn’t about quick-fix methods or bulleted, how-to lists. And it’s certainly not a dry lecture about a heady theological topic.
Instead this book is about striving, about trying, about experimenting with the idea that the old ways of approaching spiritual formation may not be the only avenues toward living lives in harmony with God in our day.

Inside these pages you’ll spend a full week with Solomon’s Porch—a holistic, missional, Christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesota—and get a front row seat at the gatherings, meetings, and meals. Along the way, you’ll also discover what spiritual formation looks like in a church community that’s moves beyond education-based practices by including worship, physicality, dialogue, hospitality, belief, creativity, and service as means toward spiritual formation rather than mere appendices to it. Available on Amazon.

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preachingreimaginedAre we preaching too much, engaging too little? What is the role of preaching in the postmodern Church? Author and pastor Doug Pagitt looks at the kind of preaching that ‘creates followers of God who serve the world well and live the invitation to the rhythm of God.’ He introduces you to an approach to engaging with the Bible with a focus on three questions: -What kind of communities are we forming? (Sociology) -What story are we telling? (Theology) -How can we tell it more effectively? (Communications) These questions are asked through the introduction of Progressional Implicatory Preaching—an innovative way of catalyzing an open dialogue with active participants. Envision Preaching Re-Imagined as an agent in the creation of Christian communities, and take a hopeful look toward new approaches to encouraging the spiritual formation of your church body. Available on Amazon.