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askseekknockWhat do Abraham, Moses, Deborah, and King David have in common? They all prayed and saw amazing results. Our reasons for praying are similar to those of these heroes of the Bible: sorrow, joy, guidance, and relationship. How can we get amazing results?

Walk through the earliest models of prayer and discover how our Israelite forefathers prayed. A prayer guide is included to help you use the same prayers in your own life.

Your reasons for praying are similar, but are your methods? Begin praying the way biblical heroes prayed. The results will amaze you. Available on Amazon.

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divineinterventionWho says nothing is sacred? For 1500 years, Christians have used “sacred reading” or in Latin-Lectio Divina-as a way to tap into the power and vitality of God’s Word. For ancient Christians such as St. Augustine, St. Francis, and others it was a pillar of one’s daily relationship with God. Sound interesting? Learn how it works. Author and youth pastor Tony Jones explains the four steps of Lectio Divina: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation). You’ll be amazed at the profound impact this practice will have on your spiritual life. *Includes 12 lectio divina exercises in the back with passages from The Message Remix. Available on Amazon.

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sacredwayBroaden your spiritual horizons.
How has spirituality changed in the last 500, 1,000, or even 2,000 years? How can ancient approaches to faith help my relationship with God today?
In The Sacred Way, popular author and speaker Tony Jones mines the rich history of 16 spiritual disciplines that have flourished throughout the ages and offers practical tips for implementing them in your daily life. Find encouragement and challenge through time-tested disciplines such as:
*Silence and solitude
*The Jesus prayer
Explore proven approaches to deepening your faith. As you do, your way of living your spiritual life will never be the same. Available on Amazon.

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questionsthathauntWhy would a perfect God create an imperfect universe?

Why didn’t Jesus rescue himself from the cross?

Will I retain my memories in Heaven?

Theologian Tony Jones tackles these and other questions — real questions from real people — in the first volume of his series, Questions That Haunt Christianity. Jones delivers thoughtful, commonsense answers and provokes serious conversation about issues from the most abstract to the commonplace. Available on Amazon.

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betteratonementFor a long time, I’ve felt uncomfortable with the conventional ways that many Christians understand the atonement — that is, why Jesus died on the cross. Or, more accurately, what was accomplished when Jesus died on the cross. The most common understanding of the atonement stems from the early church doctrine of “original sin,” which I take to be a wholly unbiblical doctrine. In other words, our common view of the atonement is a solution in search of a problem — the tail wagging the dog.

So, I went in search of other ways to understand the atonement. This book is what I found. It’s an easy read, written in a way that anyone can understand. I hope it will be helpful to you, as it has been to me, to understand the power of the crucifixion and resurrection. Available on Amazon.
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therearetwomarriagesAn essay by theologian Tony Jones on the nature of marriage in American society and the church. Jones argues that there are two marriages in America — civil marriage and sacramental marriage — and they serve two distinct functions in our lives. Thus, they should be separated.

Jones goes on to emphasize that the sacramental marriage recognized by a faith community has very little overlap with the legal marriage that is recognized and licensed by the state. “I’m asking conservative Christians to look at same sex marriage the same way: gays and lesbians are partnering, and they are increasingly raising children.  Regardless of whether you think gay sex is God’s ideal, it is happening.  So let’s incentivize and encourage monogamy among gay and bisexual persons the same way that we do among straight persons.” Available on Amazon.