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Divine Intervention: Encountering God Through the Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina by Tony Jones

Posted by: In: Other Books by Tony 04 Jan 2013 Comments: 0

divineinterventionWho says nothing is sacred? For 1500 years, Christians have used “sacred reading” or in Latin-Lectio Divina-as a way to tap into the power and vitality of God’s Word. For ancient Christians such as St. Augustine, St. Francis, and others it was a pillar of one’s daily relationship with God. Sound interesting? Learn how it works. Author and youth pastor Tony Jones explains the four steps of Lectio Divina: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation). You’ll be amazed at the profound impact this practice will have on your spiritual life. *Includes 12 lectio divina exercises in the back with passages from The Message Remix. Available on Amazon.

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