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Preaching Re-Imagined: The Role of the Sermon in Communities of Faith

Posted by: In: Other Books by Doug 04 Jan 2013 Comments: 0

preachingreimaginedAre we preaching too much, engaging too little? What is the role of preaching in the postmodern Church? Author and pastor Doug Pagitt looks at the kind of preaching that ‘creates followers of God who serve the world well and live the invitation to the rhythm of God.’ He introduces you to an approach to engaging with the Bible with a focus on three questions: -What kind of communities are we forming? (Sociology) -What story are we telling? (Theology) -How can we tell it more effectively? (Communications) These questions are asked through the introduction of Progressional Implicatory Preaching—an innovative way of catalyzing an open dialogue with active participants. Envision Preaching Re-Imagined as an agent in the creation of Christian communities, and take a hopeful look toward new approaches to encouraging the spiritual formation of your church body. Available on Amazon.

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