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The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community by Tony Jones

Posted by: In: Other Books by Tony 04 Jan 2013 Comments: 0

teachingoftwelveHow did the first Christians practice their faith? The Didache, an early handbook of an anonymous Christian community, “is the most important book you’ve never heard of.” It spells out a way of life for Jesus-followers, including how to love one another, how to practice the Eucharist, and how to take in wandering prophets.

Likely written before many of the New Testament books, this little-known text can enlighten the way that Christians are church, today. Tony Jones unpacks the ancient document with insight and perspective, and traces the life of a small house church in Missouri that is trying to live according to its precepts. Includes a new, contemporary English translation of the complete text of the Didache. Available on Amazon.

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