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There Are Two Marriages: A Manifesto by Tony Jones

Posted by: In: Books by JoPa 04 Jan 2013 Comments: 0

therearetwomarriagesAn essay by theologian Tony Jones on the nature of marriage in American society and the church. Jones argues that there are two marriages in America — civil marriage and sacramental marriage — and they serve two distinct functions in our lives. Thus, they should be separated.

Jones goes on to emphasize that the sacramental marriage recognized by a faith community has very little overlap with the legal marriage that is recognized and licensed by the state. “I’m asking conservative Christians to look at same sex marriage the same way: gays and lesbians are partnering, and they are increasingly raising children.  Regardless of whether you think gay sex is God’s ideal, it is happening.  So let’s incentivize and encourage monogamy among gay and bisexual persons the same way that we do among straight persons.” Available on Amazon.

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