Sabbath in Christianity – History, Significance & More

sabbath in christianity

As a Christian, I understand that the Sabbath is a special time during the week set aside for rest, worship, and reflection. Sabbath is an important part of Christianity, encompassing many spiritual and physical practices.  Historically, Christians have observed the seventh day – Saturday – as their day of rest from work and labor. This … Read more

What is the symbol of Christianity? Exploring the Significance

what is the symbol of Christianity

Are you wondering what is the symbol of Christianity? Christianity is a religion steeped in history and deeply rooted in many cultures. It has a plethora of symbols associated with it, but one symbol reigns supreme: the cross. The cross represents Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins on the cross before His resurrection which gives hope … Read more

What is Christianity according to the Bible?

what is christianity according to the Bible

Do you wonder what is Christianity according to the Bible? Christianity is a monotheistic religion that has been in practice for millennia. It was founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christianity follows the teachings and beliefs found in the Bible, which serves as its sacred text. According to Scripture, Christianity centers around faith … Read more

What Does Christianity Believe In?

what does christianity believe in2

What does Christianity believe in? The belief system of Christianity is arguably one of the most widely followed and revered in the world. Although there are many denominations and interpretations, Christians generally all believe in God!  This article will explore some of the core beliefs that make up Christianity from its view on salvation to … Read more

What is the difference between Judaism and Christianity?

what is the difference between judaism and christianity

Are you wondering what is the difference between Judaism and Christianity?  It’s no secret that the two of the world’s largest and most identifiable religions, Judaism and Christianity, have many aspects in common. Both faiths are monotheistic, meaning they believe in one God who is omnipotent and omniscient. Additionally, both religions stem from Abrahamic traditions; … Read more

What is Orthodox Christianity? Know The Facts

what is orthodox christianity

Introduction to Orthodox Christianity  Do you wonder what is Orthodox Christianity? Orthodox Christianity is a branch of the Christian faith that has been in existence since the 1st century AD. It includes Eastern and Oriental branches, represented by 15 autocephalous churches worldwide. The most well-known are the Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Serbian Churches but … Read more