What is Orthodox Christianity? Know The Facts

Introduction to Orthodox Christianity 

Do you wonder what is Orthodox Christianity? Orthodox Christianity is a branch of the Christian faith that has been in existence since the 1st century AD. It includes Eastern and Oriental branches, represented by 15 autocephalous churches worldwide. The most well-known are the Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Serbian Churches but there are many more throughout Europe and parts of Asia as well. 

This Eastern form of Christianity is often referred to as “the ancient church” because it maintains an unbroken spiritual tradition that dates back over two thousand years ago when Jesus Christ founded his original Church on Earth with twelve Apostles at its head. 

Key Tenets & Beliefs 

The central creed for all orthodox Christians revolves around several key tenets about God: His unity (as one eternal being), His trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and the Incarnation (Christ becoming human). 

In addition to these main points of belief, there are other doctrines such as veneration for Mary – mother of Jesus – icons/images used in worship services; special prayers called liturgies; teachings from seven ecumenical councils including Nicaea in 325AD; sacraments like baptism or communion administered during mass services led by priests/ bishops.

Hint: It is disputable how biblical are these practices such as the veneration of Mary due to the Bible saying that the dead know nothing! (Ecclesiastes 9:5)

Also, the veneration of icons/images/statues and bowing down to them is forbidden in the Bible as per the 2nd commandment! (Exodus 20:4,5)

These beliefs make up what we call Orthodoxy!


Religious Practices 

One way that Orthodoxy seeks to maintain its strong connection with Scripture is through religious practice — nothing new or revolutionary here just traditional rituals repeated time after time throughout history!

For example, let’s take prayer: instead of reciting individualized requests aloud, people who adhere to this faith will gather together 3 times each day chanting psalms, and readings from Bible focusing specifically on Divine Liturgy are conducted every Sunday morning. 

Although some sects also commemorate feasts and holidays marking important events related to stories about saints who were martyred and persecuted in various ways due to their devotion only further reinforcing our trust and hope! 

Church Hierarchy 

At the heart core of Orthodoxy lies a hierarchical system of the Church. There are four distinct levels of hierarchy beginning with monks & nuns who practice the way of life living under strict rules such as asceticism, fasting, vegetarianism, celibacy, abstinence from alcohol etc.

The next level consists of priests/ bishops responsible for leading services and helping the teaching of faith so people can properly understand it. Finally, the most powerful members of the congregation would be the Patriarchs. 

Primates head respective churches beneath them consist of several different smaller offices including archimandrites, archpriests, deacons, subdeacons, readers, chanters, acolytes lay servers greeting visitors entering the sanctuary among other duties they all take part in serving during ecclesiastical ceremonies. 

Conclusion – What is Orthodox Christianity

In conclusion, Orthodox Christianity is a branch of the Christian faith that seeks to maintain a strong connection with religious practices that have been around for centuries. It is made up of four key tenets: God’s unity, trinity, and incarnation; veneration for Mary; icons/holy images used in worship services; special prayers called liturgies and seven ecumenical councils including Nicaea in 325AD. 

Furthermore, it has a hierarchical system where the highest positions are held by Patriarchs or Primates while lower down you find Monks & Nuns followed by Priests & Bishops who then administer sacraments like baptism or communion during mass services led by ordained individuals.

How biblical are these practices and rituals is up to you to decide after reading and studying the Bible, the ultimate source of truth and salvation!

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. 

John 17:17 King James Bible

We hope this short article has answered your question about what is Orthodox Christianity!